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Korean Software

Software and tools to help learn Korean

I have found several tools to help me learn Korean. You may also find some of these useful

Declan Software

I have found Declans Korean software helpful. Inparticular their Korean Flashcards for learning vocabulary. Declan sell four Korean language software products, these are

Korean FlashCard - a fully configurable audio-based Korean vocabulary flash-card program. (Windows 2000/XP only)

Korean HakGyo - a step-by-step introduction to Korean grammar and vocabulary.

ReadWrite Korean - teaches the Korean alphabet - Hangul.

Korean Dictionary - a fully searchable 23,000 word Korean-English dictionary.
(Windows 2000/XP only)

Flashcard Exchange

Flashcard exchange has heaps of downloadable and printable Korean Flashcards.

Korean Flashcards

I started creating my own set of Picture Flashcards… I made these in Microsoft Publisher 2004, so you will need that to view and print them. I bought pre cut system cards from the store and printed directly onto them.