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Korean TV, Drama & Music

Watch Online (YouTube, MySpace, etc)

Streaming Korean dramas of recent shows can be found online. MySoju is a site with user generated content while DramaFever is a commercial site that generally is higher quality but requires a login and also has ads. DramaFever is also available on Roku so you can watch it on your TV. Netflix has also been adding more and more Korean dramas and movies recently.
Bittorrent (Torrents)

The best place I have found by far to download Korean Drama TV Shows is D-Addicts. D-Addicts stores a list of Bitorrent links, with nearly every Korean Drama being released as a torrent file allowing you to download through a program such as uTorrent or Transmission. Avistaz has different Asian downloads along with Korean Movies.
Korean content forums

There is also at least one (maybe more) Korean channels on TVU