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2010 Korean Government Scholarships

posted Apr 9, 2010, 6:58 PM by Luke K
Apparantly open to all Korean Adoptees.
InKAS info:
Government Scholarship Program is now recruiting 35 Adoptees!
What : Scholarship program for Graduate Students
Duration : 3~5 years (depending on major)
Where : South Korea
Why : Exists to promote international relations between Korea and participating countries.
How     : InKAS will recommend 35 Korean adoptees
Application Dead Line: May 7
Application Qualification:
Please carefully read our attached file. Detailed information is clarified in the Word Document.
Selected candidates will…?:
Once selected as a candidate you will choose 5 of your most desired schools out of 61 universities and will be designated by NIIED according to the space availability. Living allowance of 900,000 won (KRW) will be provided monthly a maxium of 4 years (5th year on personal cost) depending on whichever graduate program you have chosen.
What major can I chose?
All majors of general graduate school studies are available. Specialized or professional graduate school programs such as law school program, medical school program, GSIS program, etc. are also eligible on the condition that the university covers all tuition over the initial 5 million won (KRW)/semester.
Application Process:
 After reading the guideline and would like to participate, please fill out the application form and email it to:
G.O.A.'L Info:
More info and application to
Luke K,
Apr 9, 2010, 7:03 PM