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Adoption Support for Families and Children Inc: Peak Body Intercountry Adoption Nominations

posted Mar 8, 2009, 11:22 PM by Luke K

ASFC are currently seeking Intercountry Adult Adoptees from Western Australia to nominate for the Intercountry Adoption��Peak Body. For further details, please refer to information below or contact Sonya Mahoney.

Peak Body�Intercountry Adoption Nominations

�As some of you may be aware one of the recommendations of the Bishop Inquiry into Overseas Adoption�was that�that a peak body consisting of Non Government Organisations (NGOs), adoptees and�professionals be convened by the Federal Attorney Generals Dept.� Finally we are at the stage of nominations, they close 17th September.� �Adoption Support for Families and Children (ASFC),� formally Australia for Children and prior to that ASIAC WA�is the only parent run adoption support group in WA,�our membership though large does not include all families and adoptees through Intercountry Adoption (ICA) in Western Australia, we would like to nominate an�Intercountry adult adoptee to be one of WA’s representatives.�

The commitment would be 3 - 4 meetings a year involving travel interstate paid for by the Commonwealth please read attached information sheet.� WA’s Department of Child Protection Adoption Service does not�have an ICA consultative forum,�however ASFC does meet�regularly�with DCP, and we are meeting to�forward�nominations�on 28th August.�

If you would like to consider yourself available for nomination you can do so directly by nominating�directly to�the AG’s Department,� ASFC would also like to put forward a nomination from a WA Intercountry Adoptee�.��

If you are interested please get back to us on or you can call me on 9272 9156 to discuss further�by the�Monday 27th�August.��You would need to complete a short resume to go with the nomination.� The peak body will hopefully be ongoing so the opportunity is for over time�the wider ICA community to be involved.

Please forward this to other�Intercountry�adoptees you know.


Sonya Mahoney

on behalf of Committee

Adoption Support for Families and Children Inc