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Becker Entertainment: Search for Birth Family documentary

posted Mar 8, 2009, 11:41 PM by Luke K

Hi all …

Analee and myself are working with Becker Entertainment who are in the
early stages of a possible documentary for SBS on the Search for Birth
Family by 3 inter-country adoptees. This is a terrific opportunity for
anyone who is wanting to search and who is open to sharing this emotional
experience with the media.

If you are one of the 3 successful applicants, you need to be comfortable
in opening up your life during this extraordinary journey to Becker and
handing over all rights to any footage filmed. In return, they will be
paying for your travel expenses during production and some pre and post
counselling. Further details below in the synopsis.

If you would like to have the opportunity to participate, please contact
Claire at clairea@beckers. or myself at icasn@bigpond.

Many thanks

A documentary series following the experiences of three Australian
adoptees as they search for their birth parents
(3 x 60 mins for SBS TV)

Inter-country adoption is the most common form of adoption in Australia.
Since the 1970s approximately 15,000 adopted children from overseas have
grown up as Australians. In the 1970s, Vietnamese orphans were airlifted
into the arms of ill-prepared Australians; in the 1980s, Colombian,
Bolivian and Korea made up the vast majority of adopted children; and in
the past two decades, it�s been predominantly Romanian, Ethiopian, and
Chinese adoptees. These children have all found new homes and new lives in

Many, up to several hundred every year, decide at some point in their
lives to return to their home country and search for their birth parents
and families. �MOTHER COUNTRY� is their story.

This is a series following three Australian adoptees who decide to look
for their birth parents and families. A multi-racial story set in three
overseas locations, �MOTHER COUNTRY� is an emotional journey through
grief, loss, anger and racism. It is ultimately about love and loss and an
opportunity to open a unique window on the soul of multicultural

The problems for inter-country adoptees are considerable. Like other
adoptees, overseas children experience a feeling of abandonment or
rejection; of being different. But to add to these problems, some overseas
adoptees also feel separate from the dominant culture. Returning to their
mother country is as much about being part of the cultural whole as it is
about finding their birth parents. As we reveal the adoptees� stories we
will get an insight into the historical and political backdrop to the
adoptees� early lives which led to their adoption.
The six week development period will focus on finding the three subjects
for the series. This search period will be conducted by a dedicated TV
researcher. During this process, biographical dossiers of the adoptees
will be compiled and footage shot of each contributor.
It is hoped that the series will be directed by Belinda Mason who directed
�Growing Up and Going Home�, a 1-hour documentary about three Ethiopian
adoptees in Australia who returned to visit their original home. This
documentary won the 2007 Ruben Mamoulian award at the Sydney Film

This series is aiming to find participants who want to undertake a search
for their birth parents and families and are willing to share their
experiences with a wide audience.
All adoptees participating in the series will have their travel expenses
paid for by the production and a counselling service will be provided
before and after their journey.
Adoptees of all ages are encouraged to apply and are welcome to bring
their adoptive families who may also want to undertake the journey,
however due to budgetary constraints the family�s trip will have to be at
their own expense.
Adoptees travelling individually are also welcome to bring a friend or
partner to accompany them however their friend or partner�s trip will have
to be at their own expense.
Filming of this series is currently planned to be completed by the end of
2008. Adoptees will therefore have to be able to undertake their journeys
after June 2008.