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InKAS: Korean Language Scholarship

posted Mar 8, 2009, 11:24 PM by Luke K
InKAS provides Korean language scholarships to overseas Korean adoptees with a grant from the Ministry of Health and Welfare at the below website: Overseas Korean adoptees over the age of 14 are�qualified to apply. The details of the scholarship and application are as follows:

1. ApplicationEach applicant�needs to submit 4 separate documents to complete the application process.� Please refer to the attached application form.� Application details can also be found at (InKAS homepage, first click on �News and Events�, and then click �scholarship on-line 2007�.) Only completed applications will be considered for scholarships.

2. Application Dates: During the year.�

3. How to apply: Send the application form and the required documents (written in the form) to InKAS 1) E-mail: Fax: 82-2-3148-02593) Visit : Come to InKAS office and submit your application in person4) Post : InKAS office : 101-12 4F, Daehyun-dong, Seodaemoon-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea ( Zip Code : 120-809) �* Call to the office during business hour if you have any question Tel : 82-2-3148-0258

4. SelectionSelection will be made entirely on a first-come-first-served basis .�

5. NotificationEach grantee will be notified by individual email.�

6. Tuition Entirely free for scholarship grantees as the site sponsors 50% of total tuition while InKAS covers the other 50% with support from the Ministry of health and welfare.

7. Terms & Conditions: 1) Duration : 6months (One month / level * 6 levels = Full course lasts six months)Every level starts 1ST day of every months Ex) apply on 15th of August-> start from 1st of September -> study for 6months2) Class schedule : 5 days / week (repeatable) , 1 hour / day (anytime) is recommended. 3) Class process : study each levels and take the test at the end of every month ( level)4) Level : I ~ VI (beginner ~ advanced )

*You may visit the site and try the sample test at